Carsten Koch wrote:

Yes. The following algorithm for NEW CHANNELS would be good:

1) Can I receive any data from thic channel?
   (i.e. does the femon plugin show a video rate > 0)
   If no: do not create a channels.conf entry.

2) Is the audio language among the configured ones?
   If yes: Move to "New Channels" group.
   If no: Move to "Cannot Understand" group.

It might also be helpful if the "New Channels" and
"Cannot Understand" groups will be scanned again
regularly using the same algorithm, automatically deleting
any channel that fails test 1) above.
Such a scan should not touch the other groups,
because I might have for example a spanish music channel
in them that I do want to watch in spite of the fact that
I do not understand spanish.

Use autosort plugin
It is not perfect but does most of those things.

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