I have a Twinhan1025 card and after I loaded related bttv module, use
the following two command, I can watch the specific channel via xine.
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$./szap -l 11300 -c /home/zhuhx/channels.conf "JCTV" -r
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$xine stdin://mpeg2</dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$ cat /home/zhuhx/channels.conf

but, when I try to use vdr-1.4.3 and softdevice-0.2.3,the vdr comes out
with OSD, but no TV program comes out. Is it because I use the wrong
command or the /video/channels.conf format is wrong? (I use "szap -o
vdr" , see following info.)? or I didn't press the right key to let vdr
lock and output video?

what I do is the following:

1.use "scan" to generate channels.conf and cp it to /video, which has
two entries for 2 TV channel.
[EMAIL PROTECTED] dvb-s]# pwd
[EMAIL PROTECTED] dvb-s]# ls
Agials146E   Hispasat-30.0W  PAS-43.0W    Telecom2-8.0W    Thor-1.0W
Astra-19.2E  Hotbird-13.0E   Sirius-5.0E  Telstar12-15.0W  Turksat-42.0E
[EMAIL PROTECTED] dvb-s]# cat Agials146E
S 12301000 H 25600000 5/6
S 12541000 H 25600000 5/6
S 12581000 H 25600000 5/6
S 12661000 H 25600000 5/6
[EMAIL PROTECTED] scan]# ./scan -l 11300 -x 0 -o vdr -p dvb-s/Agials146E
scanning dvb-s/Agials146E
using '/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0' and '/dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0'
initial transponder 12301000 H 25600000 5
initial transponder 12541000 H 25600000 5
initial transponder 12581000 H 25600000 5
initial transponder 12661000 H 25600000 5
0x0000 0x01bb: pmt_pid 0x0000 443 -- Pinball (running, scrambled)
Network Name 'PMSI Network (NagraVision)'
WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x0548
dumping lists (128 services)
[EMAIL PROTECTED] scan]# cat /root/channels2.conf
16 - JCTV:12581:h:S146.0E:25600:165:100:0:0:16:0:0:0
17 - TBN:12581:h:S146.0E:25600:166:104:0:0:17:0:0:0
[EMAIL PROTECTED] scan]# diff /root/channels2.conf /video/channels.conf
< 16 - JCTV:12581:h:S146.0E:25600:165:100:0:0:16:0:0:0
< 17 - TBN:12581:h:S146.0E:25600:166:104:0:0:17:0:0:0
> JCTV:12581:h:S146.0E:25600:165:100:0:0:16:0:0:0
> TTBN:12581:h:S146.0E:25600:166:104:0:0:17:0:0:0

then I use the following command to watch TV via vdr, no error messages,
but also no video output.(I use up/down arrow key of the pc keyboard to
move between channel 1(JCTV) and channel 2(TTBN), and press enter to
choose the channel.)
[EMAIL PROTECTED] vdr-1.4.3]# ./vdr -P "softdevice -vo xv:"
[softdevice] processing args
[softdevice]   argv [0] = softdevice
[softdevice]   argv [1] = -vo
vo_argv: xv:
[softdevice] initializing Plugin
[softdevice] Initializing Video Out
[softdevice] ffmpeg version(CVS) build(3344128)
[XvVideoOut]: osd_image shmid = 9863182
[XvVideoOut]: got osd_image: width 1280 height 1024, bytes per line 5120
[XvVideoOut]: max area size 2046 x 2046
[XvVideoOut]: using area size 736 x 576
[softdevice] Subplugin successfully opend
[softdevice] Video Out seems to be OK
[softdevice] Initializing Audio Out
[softdevice] Audio out seems to be OK
[softdevice] A/V devices initialized, now initializing MPEG2 Decoder

Please tell me what may went wrong?
Your assistance on this will be greatly appreciated!

best regards,
Paul ZHU

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