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Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
CR wrote:

I notice when I change channels, video/audio will start and then it will
pause and resume, in the syslog I often see "returning due to modification
of channel " when it happens.

In the setup options, I have turned off updating of any channels, so why
does this occur?  Is there anyway to avoid it/disable it?
Are these channels encrypted?
If so, it retunes because of a change in the CA-IDs.
Ummm.. terminology.
Is changing pid considered 'retuning' ?
Traditionally 'retuning' means actual change of frequency.
Just asking.
Well, if anything regarding the channel setup changes,
VDR switches to that channel again. If the frequency
didn't change, it actually just sets the pids to the
new values (or whatever else has changed).

hmmm. so i know that behaviour is wanted. but nethertheless i find i a
bit disturbing. could you make that feature switchable? so in case only
pids are updated there will be no retuning. those black screens (as
short as they may be) don't look nice.

but if that feature provides more stableness that of course this goes
first. ;)

Well, it's the simplest way to make sure everything gets adjusted
to the changed channel data, no matter what it is. Due to, for
instance, a change in the CA parameter of a channel it might not
even be available any more because it changed from FTA to encrypted.

I wouldn't want to change that...


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