Christian has released vdr-epgsearch-0.9.18.

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*** HISTORY *** 
2006-10-01: Version 0.9.18
- IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ THIS!: epgsearch expects it's conf files now in a
  separate configuration directory 'epgsearch' and not in the general plugin
  configuration directory as with previous versions! Please create this
  directory in your plugins configuration directory and move all
  epgsearch-files to it before running this version. Like this:
  mkdir /etc/vdr/plugins/epgsearch                                              
  mv /etc/vdr/plugins/epgsearch*.* /etc/vdr/plugins/epgsearch                   
  mv /etc/vdr/plugins/.epgsearch* /etc/vdr/plugins/epgsearch                    
  This is only important if you don't already use epgsearchs '--config' or      
  '-c' parameter.                                                               
- new 'Favorites menu' besides 'Now' and 'Next': This menu can show a list of   
  all your favorite broadcasts for the next 24h. To enable it activate 'Show    
  favorites menu' in the setup. To let epgsearch know what your favorites are   
  create/edit some searches and enable 'Use in favorites menu'.                 
- new setup option for timer conflict check: 'After each timer                  
  programming'. This performs a conflict check after each manual timer          
  programming and - if the new/modified timer is involved in a conflict - pops  
  up an OSD message about it.                                                   
- new email notifications about search timer updates or timer                   
  conflicts with a customizable mail content. Please refer to the MANUAL        
  section 'Email notification' for further details.                             
- epgsearch has now a set of man pages. A very BIG thanks to Mike Constabel     
  ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) who did the complete job of rewriting/correcting and      
  formatting the current docs. The man pages cover the README's, MANUAL and a   
  documentation of all conf's that epgsearch uses. Available for german and     
  english. Install them with 'make install-doc' in epgsearch's src-directory.   
- you can now define your own variables to be used in the default recordings    
  directory, search timer recording directory or your own menu                  
  templates. Since this is quite complex please refer to the MANUAL section     
  'User defined variables'. Just an example to see what is possible:            
     # Weekday, Date, Time                                                      
     %DateStr%=%time_w% %date% %time%                                           
     # Themes or Subtitle or Date                                               
     %ThemesSubtitleDate1%=%Subtitle% ? %Subtitle% : %DateStr%                  
     %ThemesSubtitleDate%=%Themes% ? %Themes% : %ThemesSubtitleDate1%           
     # Calls this script to get a recording path                                
- key 'Ok' can now also be configured to switch to a channel instead of         
  displaying the summary, suggested by [EMAIL PROTECTED]
- if a timer was created by a search timer then epgsearch's own timer edit
  menu now displays the name of the search timer in a non selectable item at
  the bottom of the menu.                                                       
- when an event is announced via search timers you can now create a timer for   
  it, when you press the red key while the announce is visible, suggested by    
  Andreas Mair                                                                  
- if search timers are disabled by setup then creating/editing a search timer
  now automatically activates them in setup, suggested by Andreas Mair.
- you can now use more than one menu template for search results, please refer
  to the MANUAL section "Customizing the EPG menus".
- the check for a complete recording now also accepts short breaks (< 2s,
  e.g. a channel pid change)
- new SVDRP commands:
  * LSTC [channel group name] 
    list all channel groups or if given the one with name 'group name'
  * NEWC <channel group settings>
    create a new channel group, format as in epgsearchchangrps.conf
  * EDIC <channel group settings>
    modify an existing channel group, format as in epgsearchchangrps.conf
  * DELC <channel group name>
    delete an existing channel group
  * RENC <old channelgroup name|new channel group name>
    rename an existing channel group
  * 'LSTB [ID]' to list all blacklists, or the one with the passed ID
    (format is the same as epgsearchblacklists.conf, see MANUAL)
  * 'NEWB <settings>' to add a new blacklist
    REMARK: the value of element ID is ignored. epgsearch will always
    assign the next free ID
  * 'DELB <ID>' to delete the blacklist with ID
  * 'EDIB <settings>' to modify an existing blacklist
  * 'QRYS < ID(s) >' to get the results for a search with the given
    ID. Multiple IDs can also be passed and have to be separated with '|'. 
  * 'QRYS <settings>' to get the results for a search with the given
    search settings.  
  * 'QRYF [hours]' to get the results for the favorites menu. The optional
    parameter specifies the number of hours to evaluate and defaults to 24h.
  * 'LSTE [ID] to get the extended EPG categories defined in epgsearchcats.conf
    or the one with the given ID.
  * 'MODS ID ON|OFF' turns on/off the option 'Use as search timer'.
  * 'SETP option' returns the current value of the setup option (see MANUAL).
- epgsearch has now a bug tracking system (german) and a mailing list
  thanks to the providers of developer.org 
- new service interface "Epgsearch-switchtimer-v1.0" to access and manage
  switch timers, thanks to Dirk Leber for his extension.
- update for french translation (including setup help!), thanks to Patrice
- thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg for finnish translation update 
- thanks to Mike Constabel for providing a HTML update mail template
- the first day of a repeating timer is now taken into consideration in the
  timer conflict check, thanks to [EMAIL PROTECTED] for reporting
- fixed search timer update for VPS timers, thanks to Chello and
  [EMAIL PROTECTED] for reporting.
- fixed handling of the sign '|' when changing the search type of a search
  timer, thanks to [EMAIL PROTECTED] for reporting
- changed some default search mode values in the epgsearchcats.conf samples for
  multiple selection
- removed extra line feeds in SVDRP response of LSTS, thanks to Andreas Mair
  for reporting 
- channel criterion 'no pay tv' in search timers was ignored, thanks to
  Andreas Mair for reporting
- fixed initial min/max values for search criterion 'duration', thanks to
  Mike Constabel for reporting 
- fixed a bug when selecting the conflict check 'after each search timer
  update' in setup, thanks to Ronny Kornexl for reporting
- some changes for thread safeness
- added '--remove-destination' to the Makefile as introduced in vdr-1.4.2-3 

Have fun.

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