My feature request/idea for SVDRP is for a new command:  LSTEZ .  The
command would send the EPG data zLib compressed.  The EPG data can be
large (6+ MBytes) and of course zip, zLib, etc can compress the data quite

The general idea is if some PC based program is used to schedule and setup
VDR timers, then it would need full access to VDR's EPG. I'd like to try
and get TV Browser (tvbrowser.org) to grab it's EPG data directly from
VDR.  This way there is no redundant EPG info in that program.

My idea is to either write a plug-in for TV Browser, or a small C program
that grabs the EPG data from VDR and parses it into a format TV Browser
can understand.  There is a plug-in for TV Browser called "Lazy Bones"
which can apparently set/read timer information from VDR already, so most
of the hard work is already done.

For those curious why I'm even bothering, given there is something like
vdradmin-am...I have setup vdradmin-am recently, and while it has a very
polished UI and has *excellent* features, I find it runs very slowly on my
desktop PC (Firefox, 2.2 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM)  when I access "Timeline" or
"Playing Today?"  It also uses ~200MB+ RAM on the VDR box.

Featurewise, I wish vdradmin-am had was a "conflict resolution" where if
two or more timers are set and they conflict, vdradmin-am searches for
alternates of the conflicting program(s) and tries to schedule the
program(s) automatically to be recorded at different non-conflicting
times, and informs the user, etc.

I figure to implement my feature suggestion and operate more quickly, a PC
based program is needed.

The TV Browser site details their EPG format, but unfortunately the
program is written in Java and I currently only know C.  If there are any
Java programmers lurking about and interested in working on this, please
contact me.

Thanks for listening.

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