CR wrote:
Hi Klaus,

On the returning due to modification issue:

Can we agree that it is "retuning", and not "returning"?
It's just a simple typo, but somehow it's irritating ;-)

At one point I accessed the setup file as root, but I run VDR as a
different user.  I changed the OSD options as the user, but the settings
were not saved to the file due to permissions issue.  So VDR was set to
update all info for the channel.

Well, it's the simplest way to make sure everything gets adjusted
to the changed channel data, no matter what it is. Due to, for
instance, a change in the CA parameter of a channel it might not
even be available any more because it changed from FTA to encrypted.

I'm not sure I fully understand the CA system, but usually after a channel
is tuned, doesn't the CA field get populated with the correct info?

Isn't the channel updating only needed one time IF the status does not
change from encrypted to FTA?  I guess I'm trying to understand what in an
encrypted channel actually does require the "returning due to

I only vaguely understand those fields (CA) since I wrote a channel
parsing program to translate a channel listing in CSV into VDR's
channel.conf format.

The other idea is if VDR has an issue tuning a channel (i.e. if there is a
failure to lock), perhaps *then* the channel entry should get "adjusted" ?

Whenever something in the channel parameters changes that has
an impact on receiving that channel, VDR just "retunes" that cannnel
in order to do everything necessary to correctly receive the channel
and have all attached receivers be newly set up in case of PID changes.

It's just the simplest and most reliably way of doing this.


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