Hello all,

it's not perfect (yet) but might interest some people :-)

With this modification you can play recordings with cut marks as if
they were already cut. I.e. when reaching a cut-out position, replay
automatically jumps to the next cut-in position as with the "9" key.
So you can watch auto-cut recordings without wasting space for a fully
cut version, or just test your cut marks.

This skip-edit-mode is turned off by default. You have to activate it
for each replay by pressing the "1" key. Jumping with the "green" or
"yellow" key deactivates skip-edit-mode temporarily, jumping with the
"7" or "9" keys re-activates it. (This originally was due to an
implementation detail, but it makes sense: perhaps you want to jump to
positions just before the cut-in or after the cut-out and resume
normally at the cut position, just to see what's around the cut.)
The "3" key turns skip-edit mode off.

- It looks like the jumps happen too early, a few frames before the
  actual cut point. I suspect this is caused by an unfortunate
  interaction with some buffering; it's worse with the xine plugin
  which itself has buffers. There should be a way to do a
  cDvbPlayer::Goto() without throwing away buffers...
- Display what's going on on the OSD.
- Make skip edit mode configurable as default via a menu.
- The "8" key doesn't work well here: it jumps just before the next
  cut-in position, rather than before the more desirable cut-out.
  (It's just this way in the original VDR, probably easy to change.)

To be found at http://sites.inka.de/bigred/sw/vdr.html


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