I demand that Simon Baxter may or may not have written...

>>>> The only way that I've found to fix this is to use Sun's JVM.
>>> Did you need to un-install the other JVM, before installing the Sun one?
>> Thanks, got it:
>> /usr/java/jre1.5.0_07/bin/java -jar ProjectX.jar

> Can someone help me out, or point me to a decent 'beginners' site for
> ProjectX?

> I want to create MPEG files from VDR files, which I can write to a DVD 
> &/OR convert VDR files into divx (etc) avi files.

> What I'm doing to achieve this is demux-ing the VDR, then mplex-ing the
> streams, then tovid-ing into a DVD OR 2-pass mencode-ing to AVI. Can
> ProjectX take some of these steps out?  i.e. Can it demux and mplex the VDR
> into an MP2 directly?  Or transcode into msmpeg directly etc?

No. This is what I'd do, given a recording with one video stream and one
audio stream:

  $ projectx -out . /video/.../[0-9]*vdr

Multiplexing, not for DVD:

  $ mplex -f 3 001.m2v 001.mp2 -o out.mpg               # untested here :-)

Writing to DVD:

  $ mkdir -p iso

  $ mplex -f 8 001.m2v 001.mp2 -o out.mpg
  $ dvdauthor -o iso -t out.mpg

  $ dvdauthor -o iso --toc
  $ growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvdrw -dvd-video iso

  $ rm -rf iso/*

Writing to DVD (alternative method, via a pipe):

  $ mkdir -p iso
  $ mkfifo mpeg.pipe

  $ mplex -f 8 001.m2v 001.mp2 -o mpeg.pipe &
  $ dvdauthor -o iso -t mpeg.pipe

  $ dvdauthor -o iso --toc
  $ growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvdrw -dvd-video iso

  $ rm -rf iso/*

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