Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
Boguslaw Juza wrote:

I have investigated it more carefully:

Broadcaster sends only shortText.

VDR reads the Epg event. At EpgBugFix #6 VDR moves shortText to description if description is empty

EPG in this state are saved in epg.data.

After restart VDR reads epg.data. Then scans this event again. Event already have description, so it doesn't make BugFix #6 and now we have
shortText and description the same.

Not exacly the same. Becouse "old" descrypion is after BugFix corrections. So there is no BugFix #7 corection. But at the funcion end we have the same texts.

Ah, that's an interesting finding.

So I guess it will make sense to make sure an event that is
newly received from the data stream has *all* its data
refreshed from the stream. If there is no short text, for instance,
an already existing short text needs to be deleted etc.

Thanks for this report, I'll see how it can be fixed.

Can you please try the attached patch?
It should fix this problem.

--- eit.c	2006/08/05 10:01:21	1.120
+++ eit.c	2006/10/07 12:32:24
@@ -234,10 +234,16 @@
             pEvent->SetTitle(ShortEventDescriptor->name.getText(buffer, sizeof(buffer)));
             pEvent->SetShortText(ShortEventDescriptor->text.getText(buffer, sizeof(buffer)));
+         else {
+            pEvent->SetTitle(NULL);
+            pEvent->SetShortText(NULL);
+            }
          if (ExtendedEventDescriptors) {
             char buffer[ExtendedEventDescriptors->getMaximumTextLength(": ") + 1];
             pEvent->SetDescription(ExtendedEventDescriptors->getText(buffer, sizeof(buffer), ": "));
+         else
+            pEvent->SetDescription(NULL);
       delete ExtendedEventDescriptors;
       delete ShortEventDescriptor;
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