Boguslaw Juza wrote:
On Sat, 7 Oct 2006, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
Actually here's a more elaborate patch.
It also explicitly checks for the audio stream.
Wouldn't make a difference right now, but if we have more
streams later, it might be necessary.

There is no correct still, but something changes:

At channel:
CYFRA+ RADIO:10892:h:S13.0E:27500:0:116=PR1,117=PR2,118=PR3,115=BIS,123=ZET,122=

after recording and replaying name of first track was replaced from "PR1" to "pol", but there was no shift - PR2 still was PR2, etc...

The "pol" comes from the language code in the event's stream component
descriptor, which takes precedence over the pid's language code.

At channel:
XtraMusicPop:11278:v:S13.0E:27500:0:611=A 1,612=A 2,613=A 3,614=A 4,615=A 5,616=A 6,617=A 7,618=A 8,619=A 9,620=A10:0:100:13042:318:400:0

is smillar, but "A " is eaten - so, while replaying, there are avaliable tracks: "pol", "2", "3", ..., "A10"

The problem here are the blanks on the "language codes", which
cause tComponent::FromString() to split "A 1" into a language code
of "A" and a description of "1".

First of all, it's a pretty dumb idea of the providers to abuse
the "three letter language codes" for anything else than actual
*language codes*. So the problems are actually caused by the
broadcaster's failure to adhere to the DVB standard.

As a workaround we could change any blanks in the language codes
to underlines. I just have to see where this can be done best...


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