Lauri Tischler wrote:
Need to make another VDR-box, just for DVB-T
I have one NEXUS-T FF board where the tuner is very bad.
I want to use that as outputcard and then two NOVA-T's as tuners.
How do I disable the use of NEXUS as tuner ?

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I used this method to disable the horrible tuner on a Fujitsu-Siemens FF dvb-c card.

This thread also contains some methods to do it.

I haven't experienced any major problems with the
if (IsPrimaryDevice())
   return false;
trick, but I have kept the ff-card still plugged in, since there have been reports that they tend to crash without signal. With one budget card there were a few recordings that had stopped after 5-6min of recording from the YLE-mux, but I did not have time to debug the cause. I haven't seen that problem again after I added a second budget card to the system (or at least there haven't been any reports, that's my parents' vdr-box :) )


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