the softdevice team (Torgeir Veimo, Martin Wache and me, Stefan Lucke)
is pleased to announce a new release of vdr's softdevice plugin.

General info:
  Softdevice plugin enables vdr to run on your desktop with
  so called budget cards. You'll get vdr output via framebuffer or X11-Xv or
  DirectFB or vidix to your screen. Decoding is done via ffmpeg.

Supported vdr versions: (1.2.x,) 1.3.x and 1.4.x

Plugin's homepage is located at: http://softdevice.berlios.de/

Special hint:
 For cle266 hardware decoding support via DirectFB, you'll need a fresh
 version from todays DirectFB's cvs.
 Further you'll need libcle266mpegdec which is available from:

Changelog since last release:
2006-10-09: softdevice-0.3.0
   - fix hang after long pause.
   - enable cropping for video-shm.
   - Remove some unneeded code and fix ctl->width/height setting.
   - video-shm: silence warnings.
   - video-xv: removed osdMutex.
   - video-dfb: removed osdMutex.
                clear non video area when OSD is active to avoid fade effects.
   - protect locking for old picture by a separate mutex.
   - fix possible lost picture update and dropped areaMutex.
   - introduce a mutex to protect calls to videoOut from SoftOsd
   - initialize parameters for the vout->GetOSDMode() call
   - fix "Error! Trying to unlock a nil picture... Ignoring" error message.
   - use current_OsdMode instead of setupStore.OsdMode
   - fix RefreshAll for NoVScaleCopyToBitmap()
   - add a very simple cpu type and host system detection to configure
   - fix changing from pseudo to software osd blending for video-xv
   - remove no longer needed test for broken gcc compiler from configure
   - combine shared memory checks into CheckShmIDs()
   - improve error messages in video-shm.c
   - replace "pshufw" with MMX commands to make scaling optimazations available
     to processors without MMX2
   - cleanup PicBuffer.c, release PicBuffers in destructor,...
   - add linux framebuffer detection to configure
   - disable libcle266mpegdec if no DirectFB is found
   - add altivec optimizations to some AlphaBlend() and
   - make utils.c compile on non MMX machines, cleanup some #ifdefs
   - fix compile issue with g++-4.1.1
   - add NoVScaleCopyToBitmap() for RGB modes
   - added -vo shm: to help option
   - added support new fields from libcle266mpegdec-0.4
   - video-dfb: removed check and support for DSBLIT_INTERLACED as DirectFB
                has buildin support for this now.
   - disable cle266 support if DirectFB is not patched for this
   - cle266: fix one aspect ratio info and configure (by Rolf Ahrenberg)
   - don't continue on argument errors
   - catch unrecognized options for dfb-out (reported by Rolf Ahrenberg)
   - fix "NVidia software alpha blending OSD" issue, which turned out
     to be a compiler problem with g++-4.1.1. (Many thanks to Prakash
     Punnoor, Matthias Schwarzott, Chris Elsworth and all the others
     who helped to fix this)
   - video-xv.c: silence some warnings
   - video-vidix: offer equalizer settings via OSD (brightness, hue,
                  saturation and contrast)
                  offer HW-deinetrlace via OSD when available
                  (by Roland Praml)
   - limit destination video offsets to even values
   - fix typo in asignment
   - fix xv-out with subplugins disabled
   - fix wrong colors when using ShmClient (reported by Matthias Schwarzott
   - disable debuging printouts
   - cleanup
   - set sPicBuffer completly to zero
   - adjust ffmpeg library order in configure
   - enable different pixel formats in video-xv
   - properly init ctl->key (reported by Matthias Schwarzott)
   - video-dfb: disable reported failed flags in SetParams()
   - no longer exit when a audio mode is not available, audio is only disabled.
   - clean up audio-alsa
   - init tmpOsdSurface and delete dirtyLines properly
   - try to use the XVideo default brightness, hue etc. values on first start
   - new option: "-vo xv:use-defaults", can be used to reset the values
     of brightness, hue etc. to the default values. (Based on a patch
     by Matthias Schwarzott)
   - only link against libXi if necessary ( do we need libXi at all?)
   - check explicitly for pkg-config in configure
   - configure: "--with-ffmpeg-path" overrides pkg-config
   - unconditionally set _NET_WM_FULLSCREEN Atom when going fullscreen (recent 
Metacity WM need it)
   - fix segfault in OSD refresher.
   - remove no longer defined FFMPEG_VERSION string
   - move alsa related stuff into a separate file, enable build without alsa
   - remove uneeded include of "sys/mman.h" and "sys/ioctl.h" from video.c
   - set max_width and max_height for temporary PicBuffer
   - remove uneeded include of "linux/fb.h" from softdevice.c
   - fix possible endianness problems in SoftOsd.c
   - add support for yuy2 pixel format to alpha blend and copy pic buf code
   - change return value of AllocPicBuffer()
   - change the parameters of yv12_to_yuy2_il_mmx() so that it can also be used
     for not interlaced pictures
   - video pixelformat and stretchblit mode can be locked by output driver, so
     that changeing them is not offered via OSD.
   - video-dfb: - Adapted radeon real alphablend handling to current 
                  It is now handled similary to via mode (with underlay).
                - In mgatv-out mode, video surface is now allways allocated with
                  attribute DSCAPS_INTERLACED to support interlaced stretchblit
                  of DirectFB-cvs.
                - Removed test #if directives introduced in first via hw-dec 
                - Lock pixelformat and stretchblit mode in case via hw-decode
                  and mgatv mode.
   - video-dfb: changed pixel format for HW-decoding to I420. So accelerated and
     unaccelerated modes use the same pixel format.
   - ignore config.log on commit checks
   - removed hardcoded FBDEV name in Makefile and configure
   - cle266, video-dfb: added HW-decoder support
   - configure: check for libcle266mpegdec instead of cle266mpegdec
   - get frame buffer name at runtime:
     1. via enviroment variable FRAMEBUFFER
     2. try /dev/fb0 or /dev/fb/0
   - video-dfb: fix via aspect ratio handling
   - make configure a bit more verbose. A complete log is now saved in
   - fix delete <-> delete[] mismatch reported by Prakash Punnoor.
   - activate mmx version of yv12_to_yuy2_il_ () for dfb, xv and vidix.
   - name change libsubvdr-softdevice-METHOD.so.?? -> 
libsoftdevice-METHOD.so.?? .
   - removed option -L . is obsolete since we can get the path we are loaded 
     at runtime (thanks to Petri Hintukainen).
   - mmx version of yv12_to_yuy2_il_c(): yv12_to_yuy2_il_mmx2(). not yet called.
   - set pic->format in AllocPicBuffer()
   - more debug messages
   - fix PICDEB
   - fix a few stupid errors in VideoFilter.c, initialise more
     variables in PicFilter.c
   - move postproc stuff into VideoFilter.[ch]
   - apply patch to use direct rendering
   - add tests for older ffmpeg versions to configure
   - add "--disable-mmx" and "--disable-mmx2" to configure
   - fix possible segfaults in SoftOsd when using a zoom faktor
   - fix VIA OSD transparency for newer DirectFB cvs versions
   - merged some defines which belong together
   - added 15:9 screen aspect
   - fix postprocessing not offered via OSD even detected by configure
   - reenable software alpha blending for video-shm
   - move AlphaBlend into utils.c, clean up MMX defines
   - video-dfb: preparation for DSBLIT_INTERLACED which results
     in better displaying of downscaled 16:9 on 4:3 TVs with matrox.
   - video-dfb: make YUY2 color info reordering dependant of
     interlaced vs. progressive video.
   - some fixes for DirectFB compile, configure & 64bit arch .

Stefan Lucke

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