Hello Udo,

Thank you very much for this piece of good code.
I launch it from /etc/inittab and all is fine.
Thank you again.


Udo Richter wrote:
Hi list,

I've released the first release of my runvdr-extreme package.

runvdr extreme is a runvdr script, just like the runvdr script included in the VDR distribution. Additionally, it supports configuration files, lots of command line options and additional features.

-> http://www.richter-udo.de/vdr/scripts.en.html

- Loads default configuration from runvdr.conf
- All configuration accessible and overrideable from command line
- All VDR options handled
- Handles runvdr.pid file, acts on signals
- Restarts VDR in case of errors
- Commands to restart VDR and reload DVB
- Configuration file re-read on VDR restart
- Avoids endless loops if VDR crashes instantly
- Resets terminal to defaults after VDR terminated
- Add wrapper commands to VDR for debugging
- Waiting for the VDR process to be killed completey,
  hard killing after timeout
- Command line help
- Can switch console terminal
- Can set locale for VDR daemon
- Optionally supports pluginsetup-plugin

All in all, if you're still messing with the original runvdr script, you may want to thy this boosted version. Or just pick up some cool shell tricks from the script for your own runvdr.



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