Udo Richter wrote:
> Peter Bieringer wrote:
>> Thank you for the nice script.
>> One fix is necessary:
>> -    [ -n "$VFAT"      ] && VDRCMD="$VDRCMD -v"
>> +    [ -n "$VFAT"      ] && VDRCMD="$VDRCMD --vfat"
> Hmm, you're right. Thanks. I've missed that because my VDR is switched
> to vfat on build time.
>> I found only one major difference to the one I've created over time: my
>> script reboots the system if vdr won't proper start 3 times, perhaps you
>> can add such feature
> Maybe optionally, I'll think about it.

I also have a suggestion.  It is nice to have vdr startup in a screen session
when working remotely.

I'm using something like this:

eval "screen -D -m -S vdr $VDRCMD &"

This starts a screen in detached mode called "vdr" and keeps the same PID.  When
logging in remotely to the machine, vdr can be monitored by typing "sudo screen
-r vdr".  To detach, type: ctrl+a d


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