Andreas Mair wrote:
that's a known issue with Internet Explorer. I don't know how to fix this correctly. Other browsers (FireFox, Opera, Konqueror) do fine. You can take a look at contrib/user.css_example to find a workaround or use another browser ;)

Thats one of the flaws of the IE layout engine. The page has automatic scrollbars in the frame that appear as soon as the content is longer than the browser window. The IE engine is not able to re-layout the page if the vertical scrollbar pops up. Since the vertical scroller needs some space, the frame gets smaller. Instead of re-flowing the content to the new width, IE just adds a horizontal scroller.

(Ever wondered why the IE main window vertical scroller (on no-frames pages) never hides, but gets disabled when not needed? Thats why.)

One workaround is to enforce the vertical scroller to be always visible. That way, the scroller space is static and will be taken into account.

Change the content frame to this:
  <html class="scroller">

Then add this to style.css:
  * html.scroller {

The * html is a browser switch that will limit this ugly hack to IE browsers only.



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