Johannes Schoeller wrote:
it's SO good to hear that i'm not alone with that 'problem'. in the
#vdrportal irc noone had that problem.

i have video[0123] nfs-mounted. vdr runs as root. vdr creates all these
directories and this is what syslog says:

Oct 10 00:10:02 vdr vdr: [3933] remove deleted recordings thread started
(pid=3933, tid=3933)
Oct 10 00:10:02 vdr vdr: [3933] removing recording
Oct 10 00:11:47 vdr vdr: [3933] remove deleted recordings thread ended
(pid=3933, tid=3933)

and guess what: this empty recording is still there. (using only 4k - so
it's no big deal ;)

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/video0/Andromeda/S04E15_Die_letzte_Fahrt_ins_Nichts# ls -la
total 4
drwxrwxrwx  2 root root    6 Oct  9 23:30 .
drwxrwxrwx 48 root root 4096 Aug  3 20:57 ..

additional information can be found here:

Please try running a plain vanilla VDR and delete a recording with it.
Then wait some 5 minutes until VDR actually removes the deleted
recording and see whether the empty directories get removed, too.


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