Harri Kukkonen wrote:
Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
Harri Kukkonen wrote:
I noticed that in the timer menu, you cannot get information with the blue key about the program the timer is set to record, if the timer is disabled. Is there a reason that this nice feature works only for enabled timers or is this a bug?

The blue key in the Timers menu shows the information of the
event the timer will record. If the timer is disabled, it won't
record anything, hence there is no information.
Well then I have a feature request :)

Could the event information be shown to all timers? I don't really see the point in limiting the information just to enabled timers, unless it is necessary or easier from a technical standpoint. After all, you can after all see easily which timers are enabled and seeing the event information on every timer just would seem more consistent to me.

Try removing the


check from cTimer::Matches(const cEvent *Event, int *Overlap).

Let us know if this helps and has no unwanted side effects.


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