Hi Juza,

are you sure that xine actually utilizes xxmc? 10% for your system seems a
bit high CPU load. I've a Pentium M running at 1.2GHz with 3% CPU load. It's
really tricky to find the right settings in xine, where to set a checkmark
without breaking the xxmc driver. 

Start xine --verbose=1
It should report something like this. If not, you need to doublecheck your
video_out_xxmc: using Xv port 181 from adaptor NV17 Video Overlay for
hardware colorspace conversion and scaling.
video_out_xxmc: ignoring broken XV_HUE settings on NVidia cards
video_out_xxmc: this adaptor supports the yuy2 format.
video_out_xxmc: this adaptor supports the yv12 format.
video_out_xxmc: Unichrome CPU saving is off.
audio_alsa_out : supported modes are 8bit 16bit 24bit 32bit mono stereo
(4-channel not enabled in xine config) (4.1-channel not enabled in xine
config) (5-channel not enabled in xine config) 5.1-channel a/52 and DTS
video_out_xxmc: VO_PROP_ASPECT_RATIO(2)
=== CLEAR(-5.3)
=== CLEAR(-5.4)
=== CLEAR(-5.5)
--- CLEAR(-5b)
libmpeg2: output port has XxMC capability
libmpeg2: output port has XxMC capability

* (I was searching for the reference, but it's too late for today). As far
as I remember correctly, Hardware mpeg2 can only do interlaced or bob
deinterlaced streams. So if you want hardware support, deinterlacing support
is very limited.

* I am wondering, why you want to deinterlace - since a TV set is perfectly
accepting interlaced PAL! It's its native format.

* Have you checked your X config? You will need a handcrafted modeline to
have 50Hz refresh rate.

* You also need to check your settings with nvidia-settings for "*Sync"

* Check xine while playing for stating, that frames are dropped.

So, for today I will stop here, since there are so many things which have to
be set correctly, to have a perfect picture.


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I am looking for a best solution for live TV playback for VDR.
I have PC with Celeron 2.26 GHz, 512 MB RAM, nVidia FX 5200, SkyStar2
and software MPEG2 by xine (vdr-xine 0.7.9). PC is connected do
TV using SVideo TV-Out.

Now I'm using xxmc driver for xine (nVidia hardware acc.) - playback
is smooth, without jerking, but deinterlacing is low quality (both
OneField and BOB are not ideal solution). CPU usage is about 10%.

When I have tried xine xv driver with deinterlacing, picture was nice
- clear and sharp, but the playback jerking - mostly in sports programs.
CPU usage was about 30-40%

So both solutions are not perfect. Are there any other solution?
Maybe the xine should buffer some decomperessed frames? Are there any 
possibilities to set it?

Im afraid, that only FF card will work beter... If I will decide to buy 
one, which one to choose?

I have ony one PCI slot and one AGP slot (small barebone PC), so I can't
install dxr3 card...

                                    Boguslaw Juza

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