I'm having a problem, I think that it came up whan i deleted all my
config files and started from the beginning. I have one "server" with
the DVB-cards and one "client" without any DVB-cards.
Whan I add a timer at the server using vdradmin (3.4.7) och SVDRP it
looks like this in /var/log/messages:

Oct 17 22:52:46 digestive vdr: [9229] timer 1 (4 2058-2205 'House')
Oct 17 22:52:46 digestive vdr: [9229] closing SVDRP connection
Oct 17 22:52:47 digestive vdr: [9229] timer 1 (4 2058-2205 'House') set
to event Tue 17.10.2006 21:00-21:55 'House'
Oct 17 22:53:02 digestive vdr: [9229] deleting timer 1 (4 2058-2205

The timer gets deleted almost directly after it's added!?

I have stopped the vdradmin process so it is not vdradmin that deletes
the timer.
I can record on the client without any problems, but when I have a
record active on it I can't watch another channel ...

I'm running VDR 1.4.3-2, streamdev-cvs, ttxtsubs

Thanks for any hint!

Best regards, Lars Fredriksson

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