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>       Do you by any chance mean to say that I can buy a budget card and still 
> run vdr? 

Yes, using softdevice, xine, xineliboutput or a dxr3. You should look at
these plugins to see which one is more suitable to you.

>That is also okay by me. Which card do you recommend?

It all depends on what you need, prefer, have available.
Me, I'm using a skystar 2 and a dxr3. I'm also using the xine plugin for
remote viewing (i.e. viewing tv on my laptop).

>       Also I wish to view pay channels with it.

That's not (officially) possible with a budget card.

>       Please also mention the price and from where I can get it.

Well, I bought both the skystar2 and the dxr3 on ebay. IIRC ~40€ for a
new skystar2 (plus shipping) and 10€ for a second hand dxr3.
Using softdevice or xine you can use vdr with just a budget card.


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