On Wed, Oct 18, 2006 at 05:43:43PM +0200, Peter Dittmann wrote:
> Partial nonsense ;-))
> CF has nothing to do with CI and smartcards.
> You need a CI adapter an an CAM adapter card for the smartcard.
I find no comparison/info on CI and CF on wikipedia. Could you give me some 
info please? How does the CAM interface with the PC? 
> Alternatively there are standalone smartcard readers (USB/serial).
No, I clearly see it is illegal.
> But these are not working without some legally doubtfull patches/plugins 
> of VDR.
> Beside the skipping of CI and CAM (which is patent violaton but not realy 
> illegal) these can use illegal software keys, which is illegal in most of 
> the world.
> Therefore nobody here on the list will give you any added detailes.
NP, I am not going that route either.
> The official method is bying a CI adapter and CAM card for your DVB card.
> Even this is a violation of some provider rules as it's not certified by 
> them.
Never mind if it is a violation but I have no money to buy an FF card. Get it?

And mostly legal and illegal is defined by whether you actually commercialize 
something and make money out of it.

Youtube has so many bootleg videso but NP since nobody makes money out of it.

So for me to view pay channels with a budget card, what do I do?

Can I get a generic USB CI card?

So that I place a CAM which houses a smart card to decrypt channels?

I hold my conscience above law. :-)

Don't worry about legalities any further. :-)


Duty for duty's sake without hope for reward or fear of punishment

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