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On Wed, Oct 18, 2006 at 09:58:35AM +0200, Luca Olivetti wrote:
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      I am looking for a somewhat affordable(whatever that means :-) 
      full featured DVB TV card since that is the only thing supported by vdr apparently.

	I hear they are above the 150$ range, it is very expensive for me.
There are many other options: softdevice, xine, xineliboutput, dxr3.
None of them is perfect, but then it seems neither is a FF card.


	I  think you did not get my question. I am not looking for software. I am looking for a hardware brand and chipset that I can order.

	I want to make sure that I buy a card that is well supported before I buy.

	Do you by any chance mean to say that I can buy a budget card and still run vdr? That is also okay by me. Which card do you recommend?

	Also I wish to view pay channels with it.

	Please also mention the price and from where I can get it.



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For encrypted channels this card requires an
    optional CI (80€)
    AlpacryptLight (50€)
    K02-SmartCard (15€) from KabelDeutschland.

This combination runs fine here with vdr 1.4.x and drivers from the kernel >= 2.6.12 (e.g. Suse10)

Ciao Ruediger

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