> Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 15:14:57 +1300
> From: Richard Scobie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: [vdr] FF card substitute - Budget and PVR 350?

> I note that Hauppauge no longer list the Nexus DVB-S FF card and was
> wondering if anyone has succeeded in using the PVR 350, which has a
> hardware MPEG2 decoder and OSD, in conjuction with a budget DVB-S card.
> What I am looking for is the full functionality of VDR, for display on a
> television set via the video output on the PVR 350 - no VGA card outputs.
> If this is not yet possible, which pieces of the puzzle are still missing?
> Regards,
> Richard

You can use the pvr350-plugin. It uses the hardware mpeg2 decoder on the
PVR350 (ivtv driver).

The plugin is out of development, but I managed to do some changes to get it
work with new ivtv drivers. I also found a way to improve the channel
switching duration from 4-5 sec to 2-3 seconds.
Have a look at

I use it in combination with a DVB-T card and think it works better than a
dxr3. Unfortunately, the DVD-plugin does not work.

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