I've been googling this PPPClear thing - It looks like it might be to do with the vdr-xine plugin.

talks about multiple audio channels & a transfer patch in VDR 1.3.14

There might also be something in toggling the dolby selection in Xine?

I will try these tonight.

[EMAIL PROTECTED] schrieb am 19.10.2006 23:28:52:

>> PPPClear(4)!
>> Play
> I don't think these messages are dvd-plugin related, as I cannot find
> them via grep (vdr-xine ?). With which dvds did you get these

I've mostly noticed this will the Red Dwarf series DVDs, but it seems to

happen on most.  It doesn't happen if I play the DVD directly in xine.

>> Clear(5)!
>> SetAudioChannelDevice: 0

>> > I've had this problem for ages and never found any resolution to it
>> > it's really only a problem with DVDs that have a lot of chapters.
> How is "a lot of chapters" defined (10, 50, 100, ..) ?

I think this might only be happening at chapter marks - which is every
minutes on some DVDs

May be you can analyse the structure of the DVD using IfoEdit ?

Chapters are a misconception.

DVD consist of Domains, TitleSets, Titles, PGCs, PGs and Cells (top to
bottom structure).
Chapters are in fact only pointer markings optionally attached to PGs.
The transitions between structural blocks get larger with higher
structural level.
E.G on PGC level it's almost like starting a new presentation, e.g. audio
and video needs to be completely restarted.
May be this were the VDR dvd-plugin has it's problems to play some
structural transitions seemless.

May be you can post a copy of the .IFO files on the questionable disc and
I can give you some hints or advices
(I work with DVD software profecionally and have access to all the specs
and tools neccessary).

kind regards Peter

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