> If the answer to this question could be discovered, then problem solved.  So,
> what you are suggesting is VDR is not doing something that mplayer is doing that
> fixes the problem.  Hmmmmmm... so then it is not a driver or firmware issue
> after all?? Could we agree that much? :) This has been back and forth for a long
> long time with the drivers development team and Klaus. hehe.

PLEASE can we not let this drop again? I've mentioned this on the list for years and NO-ONE seems to want to address the problem. Surely Klaus and Werner can have a dialogue and look to getting the problem fixed? I'm happy to isolate a short clip of video where the sync goes out so that someone can look at it? Plugging mplayer into VDR to fix it is a fudge and shouldn't be necessary, if mplayer works OK with the recordings then surely we can get VDR to do so too?
This happens extremely regularly for me in the UK, both on DVB-T and sometimes even on DVB-S. I have a fully featured Technotrend DVB-S card and a budget DVB-T card. I mostly see it on recordings, but also recently on live TV.. :-( Changing channels or ff/rew by 1 minute fixes the problem, but it is really frustrating.
Klaus / Werner, there are a LOT of people out there with this problem, please can we all work together to get this fixed once and for all, then VDR will really be perfect... Let's not let this go AGAIN.. :-\
Anything I can do to help, count me in.
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