Glyn Edwards wrote:
I've got VDR (1.4.3) running on a machine by my TV and have just been
playing with the xineliboutput plugin to stream vdr over the network.
Everything works well on its own but I'd like to be able to have someone
watching TV on one channel via the dxr3 and someone else watching a
recording on the network via xineliboutput. Is this possible?
Currently, if I install the xineliboutput plugin then there is no longer
any output to the TV via the dxr3.

For me it works, if I use the --primary switch on xineliboutput. However, I have a FF card. I can watch normally on the FF card as long as no xineliboutput client connects, and I can watch remotely with the xineliboutput client.

Since VDR can only handle one primary device, you cannot use both at the same time of course.



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