I have just installed a new parabola (BISAT-G3 from
http://www.radio-materiel.ch/scripts/rama/fiche.w?ref=BISAT-G3 ) with
a nice diseqc (VNE-G3/G4 from
http://www.radio-materiel.ch/scripts/rama/fiche.w?ref=VNE-G3%2FG4 ).
And if I only use my first FF card it seems to work (only tested on
hotbird and astra 19.2E).

I used the full diseqc setup found in vdr source archive : is that the
right one ?

My second FF card don't tune to anything, even if I change the cable
from second to first and vice-versa. Using only the budget card seems
also to work, but I can't use two cards simultenously...

Any idea what to do ?

Thank you very much,
Grégoire FAVRE

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