Hi again!,

vdr-burn still fail for me. :-(

Tobias Grimm escribió:

Leo Márquez wrote:
Finally I'm desperated with vdr-burn. Few days ago I exposed my
problem but seems that I'm the one person that experience it.

At least one person at the German vdrportal.de seems to have the same
problem (but no solution yet):

Ok but I have no germany idea.

If you're using Debian, please try the burn package from here:

deb-src http://e-tobi.net/vdr-experimental sarge vdr

It works fine with Sarge.

It would help much, if you could provide a core dump or backtrace.
I have compiled the e-tobi repository version but the result is the same. I think the problem is related to some dependence library but really I'm lost. I don't know how to do a core dump or backtrace. I only know the console output and syslog. How I have to do this?

PPS: the burn plugin has it's own bug tracker:
Yes, but is in germany :-(

Thank for all.

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