Grégoire FAVRE wrote:
Thank you very much, I'll will try at home :)

I have three quad lnb so it should be possible to use all cards on my system.

And you are telling this NOW. The necessary diseqc setup
is VERY different for simple "universal" LNBs and quad LNBs.

I bet your LNBs have four outputs for each combination
of hi/lo freq and polarization.

You really have to know how the LNBs are coupled to
the diseqc switch. Do you have something like 16x2 switch?
That means, inputs for four quad LNBs and outputs
for two (or even more) receivers.

I really hope this one will work :-)

No, diseqc.conf designed to be used with universal LNBs
and a diseqc switch is very unlikely to work for your setup.

-- sjm
   Hackers do it with fewer instructions.

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