I'm building a remote VDR device on a Dell GX260 SFF PC, which has 1x AGP low-rise slot and 1x PCI

I'm having trouble finding a selection of video cards which will fit in the SFF case.

Can someone recommend a card? It needs to have s-video out (doesn't need to have VGA - but must have s-video/Component/RGB)

This probably isn't the group for this, as I'm running XV and VDR really shines with FF DVB cards.

Looks like there's very few options for s-video TV-OUT XV support in Linux.

I've searched the Matrox, Savage and NVIDIA - nothing has particularly good support for accelerated s-video. I am running another VDR machine with an S3 Unichrome 2D/3D chipset and s-video - works really well!

This new VDR box is low-rise though, so I need a small card....

any thoughts?

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