On Wednesday 25 October 2006 02:13, Laz wrote:
> Has anyone managed to get the built-in detector in a Hauppauge Nova-T usb2
> working with vdr with the remote plugin? I'm just swapping a Nova-T PCI
> card for a dual-tuner Nova-T 500. So far, it looks like the DVB part is
> working (not tested properly yet but I have 3 DVB devices) but I'm now
> tring to get a working remote again. I had been using a "new type"
> Hauppauge remote on the old PCI card through LIRC (after patching the CX88
> source for the keymap). I'm hoping that I can just use the
> /dev/input/eventX from the USB Nova device without fighting LIRC (the
> remote generates keypresses which makes using irrecord a nightmare!).


DOH! Finally sorted it: directfb was grabbing the input device before vdr 
could get at it.

Adding "disable-module=linux_input" to /etc/directfb and it works. Well.




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