here's a new release of epgsearch (mainly a bug fix release):

2006-10-27: Version 0.9.19
- if search results of different searches intersect, now only the search
 that initially created a corresponding timer may modify it.
- new variables:
 * '%search.query%' to be used in the recording directory of a search
 timer. Will be substituted to the query of a search timer.
 * '%videodir%' VDR video directory (e.g. /video)
 * '%plugconfdir%' VDR plugin config directory (e.g. /etc/vdr/plugins)
 * '%epgsearchdir%' epgsearchs config directory
  (e.g. /etc/vdr/plugins/epgsearch)
- the syntax of the 'system' command within a user variable has changed
 to be more flexible. It's now:
 %uservar%=system(/path/to/script[, parameters])
 where the optional 'parameters' can now be any expression using other
 variables except directly using conditional expressions or other system
- update for french translation, thanks to Patrice Staudt
- VPS timers created by search timers are now always updated to their
 VPS time, even if the user has changed start/stop time.
- after editing the setup any menu templates defined in epgsearchmenu.conf
 were reset to defaults, thanks to [EMAIL PROTECTED] for reporting.
- existing VDR serial timers are not modified anymore to regular timers
 by the search timer update.

Description and download:

wget: http://people.freenet.de/cwieninger/vdr-epgsearch-0.9.19.tgz



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