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Morfsta wrote:
I second that, please don't let it drop again.. Is anyone actually working on this, Klaus, Oliver, ANYONE?

I'm not working on this, because ATM I wouldn't know what to do.

Any comments on C.Y.M's point that PCR should be recorded/used?
-> http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/vdr/2006-October/011061.html

As far as I understand this, VDR ignores the TS-layer PCR timing data (which, as far as I understand this, controls the raw data rate fed to the decoders) and the syncing is done by DVB driver/firmware based on the timing information in the underlying PES headers. Since the DVB playback also works on PES layer and accepts data on all-you-can-eat base, I'm not sure whether feeding the DVB device on PCR based data rates would help, or how PCR should be forwarded to the DVB hardware.

I'm afraid my knowledge here is too limited.
If somebody can come up with an idea of how additional timing information
should be inserted in the PES data, let's hear it.

Generally I don't think that VDR should have to to anything regarding
A/V sync during replay. It simply feeds the data to the device as fast
as the device can take it, and syncing audio and video is the device's
job. Maybe mplayer just generates additional PES headers for this?


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