Udo Richter wrote:
> Oliver Endriss wrote:
>> Does mplayer really play PES data 'as is'?
>> Afaik it recodes data to MPEG-1.(?)
> From CPU load on my machine, mplayer cannot do much with the signal. The
> CPU load is even lower than the VDR load when playing back 001.vdr. And
> even decoding in sotware would out-run my machine.
> But I guess they decode the PES stream into two ES streams with
> additional timing, and re-pack it to a new PES stream.

Would it be very difficult to duplicate this in VDR?  I would love to start
trying out code. My programming skills are just not good enough to start
implementing this task. But, once there is some framework, I can get by trying
things out.

> Which leads to the open question, does the firmware/driver get confused
> by slight jitter in PTS values of audio PES packets? Or is this
> compensated?

What if the reception goes out for long periods of time and the sync becomes
really bad?  The firmware must have more limitations than a software solution?

Best Regards.

N.B. Thanks to everyone that is looking into this further!

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