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> Holding the SVDRP connection for a long time is not a good idea, since 
> VDR can only keep one SVDRP connection open at the same time. Holding 
> the line permanently would block out other uses like VDRAdmin or 
> EPGSearch plugin.

ISTR reading about the one connection limitation, that's a good point.
If it weren't for the freezing problem SVDRP would have suited my needs
so far, but obviously it's an inadequate approach in the long term.

> If you don't want to open the connection dynamically, you can write a 
> simple plugin that forwards the key presses. This shouldn't be too 
> difficult, since cRemote::Put is thread-safe, so you can open a socket 
> and forward incoming key presses from a simple thread. You could even go 
> the next step and write a real boxstar-remote plugin for VDR.
> If you want to rely on existing stuff, maybe you can use the remote 
> plugin from Oliver Endriss for your needs - it supports tty control and 
> telnet control.

That sounds like the best idea. If I wrote my own plugin I'd probably
just be effectively duplicating the telnet interface that's already
there. It's well-supported (including a Debian package) and I was
already using its input device functionality before for the Hauppauge
remote. It never occurred to me to look for its telnet interface.

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