I'm getting some strange dvb-t signal and am trying to figure out why. Summarized, the transponders I'm received are the following (one channel per transponder):

ITV 1, previously on 481833, now on 482000 (ch 22, negative offset)
BBC 1, previously on 505833, now on 506000 (ch 25, negative offset)
BBC 4, previously 529833, now on 530000 (ch 28, negative offset)
TMF, still on 537833 (unchanged) (ch 29, negative offset)
Five, previously on 561833, now on 562000 (ch 32, negative offset)
UKTV History, still on 578166 (unchanged) (ch 34, positive offset)

So it appears of the six transponders, four of them are received without the offset they should be at.

Can anyone explain in what circumstances this usually happens? My signal is from a wall socket in a big block, not from a free standing antenna.

Torgeir Veimo

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