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> In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Tony Houghton wrote:
> > The problem is that the svdrp connection has a tendency to freeze.
> [Snip]
> > but it still happens very often when pressing the Red button to open the
> > progress bar.
> [When playing a recording]
> I've since noticed that when SVDRP freezes while the progress bar is on
> screen the clock of the current time shown under the bar stops counting,
> although playback continues. Perhaps the OSD is freezing as well as

It seems like it isn't specific to SVDRP anyway. I've rewritten boxstar
to use the remote plugin and it's still got the same problem: the
progress bar freezes, and VDR stops acting on keystrokes, but the video
carries on playing. I can "reset" it it by stopping and restarting xine,
which makes VDR go back to playing live TV; if I try to play the
recording again I find it has jumped forward by a large amount.

This is with VDR 1.4.1, vdr-xine 0.7.9 and xine-lib 1.1.2. I tried
upgrading to VDR 1.4.3 but that's a disaster, it crashes the DVB cards
as soon as Xine connects. vdr-xine is relatively old; I guess it needs
an overhaul, and it could even be the cause of the original problem. Is
there a newer "developer" version hidden away on a different site? The
problems might be peculiar to df_xine, otherwise surely someone else
using xine would have noticed by now, but I don't see how it could
affect VDR like that unless the problem is in xine-lib.

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