has anyone gotten xineliboutput with DirectFB to work? I have got a Matrox G450 and got softdevice and mplayer working with dfb, but only xineliboutput produces a black/white fluttering picture where you can only guess that it is a vdr message (learning keys).




vdr  --log=3 -g /tmp --lirc -v /video -c /etc/vdrdev -L /etc/vdrdev/plugins -w 60 –Pxineliboutput --local=fbfe --video=DirectFB --remote=none -A alsa


     =======================|  DirectFB 1.0.0-rc2  |=======================

          (c) 2001-2006  United Cultures of Earth - go for outer space!

          (c) 2000-2004  Convergence (integrated media) GmbH



(*) DirectFB/Core: Multi Application Core. (2006-10-31 20:15)

(*) Direct/Memcpy: Using SSE optimized memcpy()

(*) Direct/Thread: Running 'Fusion Dispatch' (MESSAGING, 3566)...

(*) Direct/Modules: suppress module 'keyboard'

(*) Direct/Modules: suppress module 'linux_input'

(*) Direct/Thread: Running 'LiRC Input' (INPUT, 3567)...

(*) DirectFB/Input: LIRC Device 0.2 (directfb.org)

(*) DirectFB/Genefx: MMX detected and enabled

(*) DirectFB/Graphics: Matrox G450 0.7 (directfb.org)

(*) DirectFB/Core/WM: Default 0.2 (directfb.org)

video_out_directfb: using display layer #1.

video_out_directfb: layer supports video output.

audio_alsa_out : Unterstützte Modi sind 8Bit 16Bit 24Bit 32Bit Mono Stereo (4-Ka

nal nicht aktiviert in xine Konfiguration) (4.1-Kanal nicht aktiviert in xine Ko

nfiguration) (5-Kanal nicht aktiviert in xine Konfiguration) (5.1-Kanal nicht ak

tiviert in xine Konfiguration) (a/52 und DTS pass-through nicht aktiviert in xin

e Konfiguration)

xine: Inputplugin gefunden: VDR (Video Disk Recorder) input plugin

Input-Cache Plugin deaktiviert

xine: Demultiplexer-Plugin gefunden: DVD/VOB demux plugin

av_offset=0 pts

prebuffer=14400 pts

video_out: Verwerfe Bild mit pts 1617616, weil es zu alt ist (Unterschied: 258693).

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