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> Hi,
> i want to run it with mythtv :) and for that i need to get vdr in background
> mode. And xine also can be exported to my desktop pc...
> And last reason is it might be a xinelibouput plugin problem with dfb, and
> that plugin has no mailinglist.

You could try the vdr-xine (aka Xine Device) plugin on the local PC with
df_xine. xinefb might work as well. I use df_xine with a Matrox G450;
the only difference I can see between what you and I are trying to do is
that I use boxstar instead of mythtv. I had a similar problem with
df_xine producing a broken picture; the solution was to use '-l 0' to
force it to use the correct layer.

xineliboutput might still work alongside vdr-xine for remote viewing on
an X desktop. I'll have to try that.  Currently I just record anything I
want to watch remotely and play it back over NFS.

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> On Thursday 02 November 2006 18:30, . wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > has anyone gotten xineliboutput with DirectFB to work? I have got a Matrox
> > G450 and got softdevice and mplayer working with dfb, but only
> > xineliboutput produces a black/white fluttering picture where you can only
> > guess that it is a vdr message (learning keys).
> The question is, if you have a working softdevice, why do you need the 
> xineliboutput? I've got a similar setup and it's working fine using 
> softdevice.

Another good reason to use xineliboutput instead of softdevice is that
xine is much better at A/V sync than softdevice IME.

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