Hi Simon,

Simon Baxter wrote:
>> Hi,
>> why dont you take a look at the files bundeled with the plugin?
> I must have overlooked them?
>> are you looking out for - a text or gfx display?
> Graphics - nice high res colour would be nice
>> 3.5" seems a little small for me. i dont think there are plenty of
>> displays in this size out there.
> Limited space in my Shuttle :)
>> are you fine with soldering yourself?
> absolutely!  What do you suggest?

You might want to also look for graphical Noritake VFD displays for
example, http://www.noritake-elec.com/, you can find PDFs with exact
dimensions on their website (at least it was possible some time ago,
haven't checked recently), and even data sheets with the command set if
there is no driver yet, in graphlcd-base (used by vdr-graphlcd for
example). I have a 128x64 800A series and am very pleased with it.

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