I've been trying xineliboutput for the first time - looks like it will solve all sorts of problems I've been having, if I can get over these ones....

Problem number 1:
If I start the plugin with :
vdr -P"xineliboutput --local=sxfe --video=xv --audio=alsa --remote=none"

I get a letterbox window in the middle of the gnome screen.  So I tried:
-P'xineliboutput --fullscreen --local=sxfe --video=xxmc --audio=alsa 

This gives me the same as above, but with black borders filling the screen. Still a much smaller picture than the full screen I get with vdr-xine. Also, when I change channels (PVR with pvrinput plugin) the various channel scaling leaves parts of the picture around the new "letterbox" image.

How do I set scaling? When I use vdr-xine, I start it with "xine --fullscreen --hide-gui -V xv -A alsa -D --post vdr_video --post vdr_audio vdr://tmp/vdr-xine/stream#demux:mpeg_pes"

Problem number 2:
I have been using the mplayer plugin to play divx/xvid/mpeg movies. It's rather clumsy though, as I need to kill xine and restart after (scripted) to free up the xxmc/xvmc resources. When I try and play an avi file with xineliboutput, I get stuttering video and loads of the following:
[mpeg4 @ 0x125b4e4]header damaged

What does work well, which I'm VERY pleased with, is DVD playback. I've had a long standing problem with intermittant audio stuttering - which seems to be resolved with xineliboutput!

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