On Thursday 02 November 2006 21:44, Tony Houghton wrote:

> Another good reason to use xineliboutput instead of softdevice is that
> xine is much better at A/V sync than softdevice IME.

I got interested in this and tried things out. Neither xine nor xineliboutput 
plugins are working. The df_xine works, but I can't find the xine plugin 
pipes anywhere. Coudn't find a way to turn up verbosity as to see where it 
fails either.

Also tried the xineliboutput, there I have some garbled mess on the TV screen. 
Apparently there is an option
that supposedly allows selecting the layer manually, since the automatic 
selection doesn't pick the correct one for the Matrox card.  It doesn't seem 
to work, at least the same way it works with df_xine. Ah well.


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