> I'm having intermittant problems when replaying vdr recordings with
> xineliboutput.  Every few minutes I get an audio/video slip/break and
> stdout reports:
> video_out: throwing away image with pts 124350653 because it's too old
> (diff
> : 29229)
> Is this a xinelib message?  I'm running a xine-lib taken from cvs on the
> 4th of June 2006

Yes, it is.
This normally indicates that your system ist too slow for replaying videos.
It can be a misconfiguring of the used software, or too many task running
simultaneously or thelike.
I'm using vdr-xine for displaying and don't know about xineliboutput, so maybe
someone else can give you hints how to optimize it.

I have no problem replaying with vdr-xine, and am playing with xvmc hardware (VIA Unichrome) acceleration.
The PC is a AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2800+  with 1 Gig of memory

Maybe it helps: I noticed a higher cpu-usage when replaying with vdr via
vdr-xine as if replaying the files with xine directly. This was improved with
newer versions of vdr-xine - now I use a faster CPU, so it doesn't matter

When running vdr-xine, my CPU is about 12-16%.

Does this sound right? No probs with vdr-xine, but cpu problems with xineliboutput????

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