On Tue, 2006-11-07 at 15:44 +0330, JikJikMan wrote:
> Hi all,
> Does VDR had exit codes? I mean, how could I find what is the cause of
> VDR exit?
> For example, I want to know is the VDR exit for storage failure, driver
> failure, timers.conf failure or any thing else.
> It is because I wrote a script for restarting my system when vdr exits,
> but I want to prevent this for errors that are persistent, like hard
> disk failure, or timers.conf file failure.

This topic is quite well covered with man/info pafes + additional

Anyway, it _could_ be useful to see if immediate exit code was caused by
prim.dev or pluigin in case of fatal error ?

(just thinking abt my init.d scripts - it is clearly different if net is
down, ex, for full house elecrity net-halt+init? I never reload - maybe
drivers for vdr restart are useful some users, for me UPS handles all
minor problems (including "soft" powerdown), I'd think it might be just
for 100% overkill to have any net-reboot - so ,it could be usefuyl to
disable exit if currewnt ch is unencryptable ?)

- Petri

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