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Halim Sahin wrote:
Hello Klaus,

Some LNB's don't get a lock while switching to a special frequency.
After a small change in the Frequency it works
e. G. 12630->12629 ...

Such a small deviation shouldn't be much of a problem.
Are you sure that's a probem with the LNB?
I have two LNB's connect to a FF Card.
One LNB needs such a modifikation in the used frequencies. In some cases vdr switches to the unmodified one but its taking more time.

Some receivers can set a frequency with a adjustable vallue in thei software.
Is it posible to get such a feature in vdr?
Perhaps in menu->settings->dvb??

Try "Setup/LNB/Low|High LNB frequency (MHz)".

But this affekts all LNB'S in my setup?????

If you want to address individual LNBs separately you can do so
via the diseqc.conf file. Set "Setup/LNB/Use DiSEqC" to yes and
make the appropriate entries in diseqc.conf.


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