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about this... Copy the mplayer code that does the PES layer and slap it into vdr just to test if the problem persists?

I don't think that it is that easy. Its just educated guessing, but I assume that the mpeg data is going a long way through the mplayer core, through demultiplexers, resyncers, multiplexers, playback control and lots of more stuff. Thats probably several thousand lines of code that need to be reviewed, rewritten and integrated into VDR. Thats a huge task, and its probably easier to re-implement every step mplayer does in VDR from scratch.

It seems that the majority opinion is this is in fact a vdr issue rather than a firmware issue

Once again, I don't agree. VDR does almost nothing on playback. VDR recordings are streams of PES packets, and the DVB driver accepts PES packets for playback. The only thing VDR does is to drop video packets into the video interface and audio packets into the audio interface.

(If there wouldn't be the need to separate video from audio, you could probably simply do cat 001.vdr > /dev/dvb/adaper0/video0 and it would play.)



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