I've just received my new PVR-500 card and have it happily installed and working with ivtv 0.9 (svn)

I figure since the FM radio is only available on the 1st encoder, I'll have to dedicate VDR recording tasks to the 2nd encoder and leave the first for general purpose TV watching and radio listening. Unless I can cut off the FM radio if the recorder needs that adapter?

Will I need to maintain duplicate channel entries in channels.conf for each device - so I can select one or the other for recording or watching? I guess the best way to do this is prefix the ones I want to record on, and avoid using them when general channel surfing.

I'm also not sure how to handle epg. At the moment I use xmltv and xmltv2vdr.pl to import epg. I'm guessing I'll also need to have duplicate epg for each tuner? Is there a way I can use VDR with a single epg, but just select an adapter based on availability?

This machine will sit in my basement with the PVR-500, DVB-T card and a DVB-S card

Can anyone offer any advice?

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