Hi list,

I have vdr running with a budget card.
For live tv, I use the xineliboutput plugin and xine-ui.
I built a xine-ui rpm with rpmbuild.

As an aside: If you want to try yourself you have to resolve two issues with 
0.99.4 which are already resolved in cvs (cvs not tested by me, only read 
about it in ml archive):

- Change specfile in misc/ to use "License: GPL" instead of "Copyright: GPL"
- Repackage the bzip2 tar to use gzip.

One problem remains for me:

To enable vdr keys, I have to pass --enable-vdr-keys to configure.
How would I pass this option to rpmbuild (without editing the specfile)?

Currently I use "rpmbuild -ta /path/to/xine-ui-<version>.tgz"

I have read about the --with/without macros, but found nothing similar for 
--enable/disable features.

Anyone got an idea?


Joachim Banzhaf

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