On Wed, 22 Nov 2006 08:26:26 +0200, Juha Pahkala wrote
> Anybody able to tell from these, what's going wrong? The server side
> seems awfully quiet is syslog, maybe something wrong there? Anyway to
> debug this more closely?

Weird... I assume your network is ok and the server is not too busy? Does it
make any difference when you disable EPGSync? Is the client VDR able to
reconnect immediately? Are you able to start an HTTP streaming session when
the connection timeout occurs?

BTW: You can disable StreamFilters as they are not supported by the server 

You could recompile streamdev with debugging enabled. In the streamdev source
directory issue:

make clean; DEBUG=1 make all

Then install the plugins and restart VDR. Debug output is sent to stderr.


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