I've installed VDR on an ubuntu box, uding the ubuntu packages. (I
plan to build one from sources though). This gives me VDR version
First I started VDR with the option to use a NFS mount as the place to
store its recordings. VDR worked, and I could watch FTA channels.
Recording didn't work wel though, and I suspected that the NFS was to
slow, so I changed the video dir to a local one.

After that change VDR won't start anymore. runvdr keeps restarting vdr
after 11 seconds, and I have absolutely no idea why. There is no
information in any logfile whatsoever that gives any hints as to what
might have been going on.

- Hence my questions: Is it possible to get VDR to be more verbose in
its logging?
- Is it possible to make VDR log to its own logfile?
- What might be causing the restarts evere 11 seconds?


Bremgarten b. Bern, Switzerland

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